Why Oxygize ?

Why Oxygize ? During an intense workout, or hiking or doing some hard work, you breathe fast, and heartbeat fastens. This is the body's natural response to maintain your blood Oxygen levels. The body wants you to inhale more intensely, increasing Oxygen intake. If the body does not get the required oxygen from the atmosphere, it starts to take oxygen from the inside, known as Anaerobic Respiration. The body carries the oxygen necessary from the muscles, and that's why you get tired so quickly. That all is because of low oxygen levels in your body. Similar is the case with brain function. If the brain does not get enough oxygen, it can affect the body's health, and you will have constant headaches.

 Why Oxygize ? Important If you are an athlete, you would know how much effort it takes to be at the top of the game. But workout exhausts your body taking away a lot of oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide starving your body and muscles. This could lead to poor performance as well as fatigue. Let the best portable oxygen canister help you monitor your oxygen level by its unique finger oximeter and decrease recovery time with Oxygize Oxygen so you can achieve the best physical performance.