Oxygize For Pollution

Nothing like a bit of fresh air, right? Well, actually, that might not be quite so true. Air pollution is a serious problem across the globe and is entirely invisible – so how clean is the air you’re breathing? Well, according to the UK newspaper The Guardian, 95% of the world’s population is currently living in dangerously polluted air.

Everywhere we turn to look or read about the air quality around us, we hear one word – ‘Unbreathable.’ We are so used to listen to this word that now, we’ve grown immune to it. Most of the time, we don’t even realize that we’re breathing in polluted air because somewhere we’ve forgotten what it’s like to live in ‘good quality air.’ According to a recent report by HEI in cooperation with the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington and the University of British Columbia, around 92% of the people worldwide live in unhealthy air. Sadly, our nation’s capital has the most polluted air in the world, and even with the government’s tremendous measures to overcome this issue, we continue to lag.

This is leading to a huge increase in pollution-related illnesses such as respiratory infections, cancer, and heart disease. This has become such an epidemic that air pollution is now the fourth biggest killer globally, with over seven million people dying every year. We’re here to help, though. Our Oxygize oxygen canisters have been specifically designed to help you reduce the damage from the air you breathe. A few simple breaths of this each day allow you to absorb pure oxygen as and when you need it, helping to fight the dangers of air pollution.

At oxygize, we aim to provide you with clean oxygen, even in this state of pollution. Our unconventional remedy rapidly cures the decreasing percentage of oxygen in your body. Oxygize comes in handy cans whenever an individual feels uneasy while breathing due to poor air quality. Our Oxygen canisters are easy to carry and filled with pure and natural oxygen gas. The air we breathe contains only 21% oxygen. However, in oxygize, oxygen gas is pure oxygen.

On the other hand, the Oxygize Oximeters are an oxygen saturation checker designed to keep you updated about your oxygen levels. Oximeters use a non-invasive method to measure the oxygen level of the blood as well as pulse rate. These canisters are not only significant for your wellbeing, but they are also great for your loved ones as a gift as you are providing them with the best medium of fresh air free of pollution. It is the best gift you could ever give to anyone for their wellbeing.

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Recommended Use :

Whenever you feel uneasy due to poor air quality, you can inhale from the canister two to three times to supply pure oxygen to the brain. We recommend keeping a can of our natural oxygize handy, especially in India, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, and others with alarming pollution rates.

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