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Welcome to Oxygize ®,We are pioneer in ensuring that pure, rare and calibration gases are not far from your reach. Our innovative oxygen supplement products that come in different flavors are also second to none.

We have been in existence since 1996 as a premium gas importing, manufacturing and distributing company. Since then, we have dealt with Pure Gases, Rare Gases, Calibration Gas Standards, Speciality Gases, Hydrocarbons, Bulk Cryogenic Liquids, Gas Cylinders, Gas Regulators and Gas Handling Equipment, sourced from renowned companies worldwide. Over the years, we have evolved to become the leading company in the gas industry; owing from our experience over the years and our will to become better.

In 2017, we introduced oxygen gas in canisters with our brand name “OXYGIZE” as a form of oxygen supplement to reach every household. These cans of oxygen gas comes in various flavors; making it a delight to take in. With our flavoured oxygen canisters we aim at providing our customers a spa like experience at home .

Don’t miss out on Oxigizer's all-beauty and wellness products.

They come in different flavors like stress , citrus burst and peppermint which provide benefits of oxygen therapy and aromatherapy, in a handy and-portable-way.

In 2018 , We have introduced a range of Bluetooth enable Oximeters ranging in different colours and sizes . We are the first company to introduce Bluetooth connected and most handy oximeters in India.

In 2020, We plan to provide a unique collection of oxygen products that you won’t get elsewhere. You will get only the best quality products that represent excellent value for your money in our online store. We boast of a great testimonial from our teeming users who all testify of our great products. Some call us lifesaver; some say our product is nice. What would you also call us when you buy our oxygen product? We are sure you will have something interesting to call us when you use our product. To Know More About our location




    • Cаnnеd oxуgеn is delivered to your nоѕе оr mouth from аn aluminium саnіѕtеr (оr a cylinder) vіа a pressurised mесhаnіѕm that can be inhaled.
    • Canned oxygen is аlѕо Known аѕ “recreational оxуgеn.”
    • When a patient is unable to inhale naturally or when dерrіvеd оf oxуgеn, the реrfоrmаnсе of the body and mind can suffer and canned oxygen is used. 
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