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Oxygen, AKA the elixir of life. Everyone knows that without it, life on earth would stop immediately. It is the lifeline that keeps every human on the planet alive as we absorb its goodness with every breath we take; but what if you could maximise its potential to improve your day to day life? 

Well here at SMS Multitech India (P) Limited, we have been helping our customers do just that with our Oxygize portable oxygen cans. We have been pioneering the use of gases since our formation way back in 1997 and for over two decades now we have been working with every kind of gas imaginable – from pure through to specialty. Alongside that, we have been providing a global client base with industry-leading containment units such as gas cylinders and regulators. 

Using this knowledge, in 2017 we decided to create an entirely new range dedicated to helping to improve the general wellbeing of humans; enter Oxygize. These small, portable cans of oxygen are 100% natural and have been designed to help with aspects of life we all face every day;


Nothing like a bit of fresh air, right? Well actually that might not be quite so true. Air pollution is a serious problem across the globe and is entirely invisible – so how clean is the air you’re breathing? Well according to UK newspaper The Guardian, 95% of the world’s population are currently living in dangerously polluted air. 

This is leading to a huge increase in pollution-related illness such as respiratory infections, cancer and heart disease. This has become such an epidemic that air pollution is now the fourth biggest killer in the world with over seven million people dying every year. 

We’re here to help though. Our Oxygize oxygen canisters have been specifically designed to help you reduce the damage from the air you breathe. A few simple breaths of this each day allows you to absorb pure oxygen as and when you need it, helping to fight the dangers of air pollution. 


Alongside protecting your lungs, regular use of Oxygize has been proven to help keep you healthy. With 90% of our bodies being fuelled by Oxygen, you can help stave off illness with the 100% all-natural range.

Whilst it cannot be considered a life-saving cure to fight off disease, regular use coupled with a healthy lifestyle will see you feeling fitter and healthier; allowing you to get more from exercise and improve your concentration levels.


Want that stunning flawless skin like your favourite celebrity? A portable oxygen can such as Oxygize is your chance to glow with a flawless complexion without the need for applying layers of makeup to your face. 

Oxygen helps to combat those visible signs that accompany the aging process, so by using Oxygize daily you will be able to strengthen your skins elasticity as well as help to reduce and eliminate the bacteria most commonly associated with acne. It will also leave your face looking less tired and worn out, keeping your skin glowing as if you have just enjoyed a day at the spa! 

Regular use also helps to infuse your skin with the much-needed nutrients that deplete with regular exposure to air pollution and the sun, helping to fight the anti-aging process. The best part though? Oxygize oxygen is 100% natural! 


The biggest and most common use of portable oxygen canisters is in the world of sport. You have no doubt seen some of the biggest stars in the world breathing in from oxygen cans mid-game. From NFL through to the Premier League, Rugby, Cricket and even the world of motorsport such as Formula 1 and Motocross athletes are using oxygen to boost their performance. 

It’s not just top athletes who can benefit from an increase of oxygen intake. If you’re heading to the gym, playing sports after work or heading out for a cycle on your mountain bike you can maximise your performance. When we work out, oxygen from the air we breathe in is carried to our muscles, where some is used instantly while the rest helps create the energy needed to power our body. 

Muscles that do not get enough oxygen suffer from lactic acid which in turn causes fatigue. By supplementing your workout with pure, all-natural oxygen you can prevent the lactic acid build-up; maximising your endurance and stamina. Using Oxygize after your activity can also help speed up recovery time, keeping you feeling fit and ready for the next session! 


Heading skiing? Love mountain climbing? Setting off to explore the Alps on a hiking holiday? Most people who have reached the summit of a mountain will likely have experienced some form of altitude sickness. When your body is exposed to the low oxygen environment of the mountain, you can experience sickness such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath and even nosebleeds; all signs you’re suffering from altitude sickness. 

To avoid it, you should try to slow down your pace and ensure you’re listening to what your body is telling you. Supplementing your climb with use of Oxygize can also help to prevent the signs of altitude sickness. By increasing your intake of pure oxygen, you’ll be able to enjoy the views without worrying about being ill. 

Morning After

In the same way a portable oxygen canister can reduce mountain sickness, it can also significantly help that nauseous feeling you experience after a big night out! With Oxygize oxygen, you can party like a rock star without worry about the hangover the next day. When we drink, our body uses more oxygen to metabolise the alcohol we’re consuming – it takes three molecules of oxygen to break down just one molecule of alcohol. 

By increasing the oxygen in your blood stream through an Oxygize can, you will be able to help reduce that awful feeling the morning after. So instead of waking up and consuming an unhealthy, greasy breakfast reach for a can of Oxygize instead!

Whilst there is no such thing as a miracle cure, by supplementing your healthy lifestyle with a portable Oxygize oxygen can you can enjoy even more benefits and live your life to the very best. 

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