Sports and Fitness Needs Oxygen

An athlete’s (Sports and Fitness) oxygen level in their blood is probably close to the maximum level the blood can carry. When the blood is full of the oxygen we consider this a 100 percent blood oxygen level. Most healthy athletes are probably around 95 or 97 percent blood oxygen level and as they spend energy this level declines as the oxygen is consumed by their activity. At some point, the athlete is going to have to stop and catch their breath and re-oxygenate their blood.

oxygen for athletes

One trick an athlete can employ is to increase their blood oxygen level before they compete. For example, if they bring their oxygen level up to 99 or 100 percent they will have more time before they need to stop and rest.

That is where Oxygize Oxygen helps the athlete gain an advantage. If they have an oxygen canister they can suck on as most pro teams have, that will meet their needs.

Consuming half a can of Sports Oxygen 5 or 10 minutes before competing raises the oxygen level in their blood. Then during or after the competition, Sports Oxygen provides faster recovery.

Half a dozen breaths of Sports Oxygen will bring one’s oxygen level back to normal faster than just trying to catch one’s breath.

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