Situations where Oxygize® Portable oxygen canister will prove useful on your vacation to Leh-Ladakh

India is an amazing source of market and a melting pot of traditions, cultures and experiences, a feature which collectively bleeds out onto our daily lifestyles and what we all do. Keeping all these qualities apart of course, with all the craziness, fun and fervour in our country, our whereabouts had to mirror the citizens we are. Number of such place are creation of humans, while there are some that are naturally around since time period immemorial, but all of them are certain to give you a thrilling experience. 

Planning a trip to Leh Ladakh endow with the ultimate acquaintance of great adventure, thrill and fun which eventually has led Leh to the reputation of hiring bikes for this amazing, once in a lifetime road trip. Nevertheless, in order to experience the best and most of this tremendously exciting trip, it is essential for the accomplice to consider an array of factors. The most significant of these requirements is the need to get accustomed to the environment at higher altitude  in Himalayan region. In fact, loads of times, the partaker might be obligatory to spend in some supplementary gear and apparatus, such as oxygen cans to guarantee that their excursion goes as planned.

Leh Ladakh is located at an exceptionally high altitude, due to which the air in this area is extremely thin. This often makes it complex for individuals new to the area to breathe or even sleep. As a matter of fact many people even undergo a sense of agitation, mild headache, uneasiness and suffocation for in initial days after reaching leh-ladakh, These are the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness. This is the one of the reason people arranging a tour of Ladakh are recommended to spare a few days for acclimatisation. Still, since not m

any people are out for a Ladakh thrilling tour, most individuals ignore this awfully important facet of the tour. For such folks carrying a portable oxygen cylinder on their Leh trip can attest to be a life saving choice.

There can be several situations in which having portable oxygen can in your hand can be extremely useful. The most common of these situations are briefly described below.

While Travelling With Kids Or Elderly: For those planning to embark on a trip to Leh with kids or even aged companions, carrying an oxygen canister can prove to be a fortunate thing. The main reason behind this suggestion is that kids are likely to exert themselves in the same way at such high elevation as they will do at their home. This can without doubt lead to a feeling of unease, discomfort and even breathlessness. When it comes to the elderly people, the high altitudes have an effect on their respiratory system more profoundly as compared to younger ones. But in both of these situations carrying an oxygen canister handy can prevent a major crisis.

While Travelling in Remote Areas:  The most beautiful areas in Leh Ladakh are commonly to be found in remote areas which are not easy places to be. Most of such areas can be short of basic medical services, so travellers planning a Ladakh trip to such remote inaccessible areas are certain to feel much safe and sound by having an oxygen canister beside them. The scarcity of oxygen in air enhances proportionately with the isolation and remoteness of a region and this in turn increases the risk of breathing issues for the people travelling, which can be avoided easily by having Oxygize® oxygen canister in hand.

While scheduling A Tour In hasten: It is not rare for persons to plan a Leh-Ladakh trip in a rush, which leaves them with little time for accommodation. In such circumstances, carrying an portable oxygen canister with mask can help the travellers to evade the bad risks that come along with ill-planning their exploration. Whether the travellers either choose to fly directly to Leh or choose for Ladakh bike trip, carrying an oxygen canister can aid them to enjoy the tour devoid of facing any chronic health issue associated to altitude.

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When spending so much on a trip why not a little more on your safety?

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