Oxygize® : A New Way of Urban Lifestyle!

How beautiful it is to look out from our window, and we find a scenic view? Yes, if we are on holiday at some beautiful resort-like location. But, how seldom do we go there? Our daily life is full of concrete structures and artificially processes air.

And, when we come out, we are welcomed with hazardous air quality. So where is the fresh air? Sadly, it is not available as freely as it used to be. And, we did this to ourselves. We created this mammoth for us.

We choose to live in cities, poorly planned and lots of people around us. Metropolitan cities all around the globe are packed with people. Lots of people. The infrastructure of these cities is at their utmost limits.

And don’t ask about traffic, there are so many cars, packed with a glue of two-wheelers. Life is hard here. But yes, we are trying to do things better. As a human, we are now aware of our actions on the environment.

Not even the environment, when we realized that this is going to hurt us back, our sleep got broken. Hence, it is time to rebuild nature itself. And, while we are doing that, we need to protect ourselves from the damage already done.

Air quality is big cities that are 1000% hazardous than what is safe for us humans. We just don’t feel it, but it is working on us, like a virus. We don’t understand why governments are not alarmed for the safety of its citizens.

From the slow poison, they are inhaling every day.

As citizens too, we have this duty on us, to make a life of our fellow mates a bit better. Even we want to do something with all our capacity. We are in support of making this world a healthier place to live.

Hence, we have our ‘Oxygize product line. Yes, cleansing of air permanently over the cities is a very slow process, but till that time, we want to offer a way to fresh oxygen. We want to provide a fresh breath to people all across the globe.

Whether you’re a professional driver, face a long commute to work each day, or live or are traveling in a city with polluted air, Oxygize® oxygen can help you:

• Stay more alert behind the wheel

• Diminish your exposure to stale and polluted air

• Reduce feelings of drowsiness and fatigue

• Lessen the exposure to pollutants like exhaust fumes and other poor indoor and outdoor air

…because sometimes simply rolling the window up — or down — just isn’t enough.

Nowadays, completely fresh oxygen is found in small canisters only, or of course in countryside areas. We need oxygen badly for our lungs and skin. They are covered with layers of dust and pollution from both inside and outside.

We want to solve this problem immediately, hence Oxygize comes in portable canisters and we can have access to 100% fresh air anytime we want with it. It is available in different flavors.

What you will feel is the energy of fresh air with the fragrance of nature. Even better we can smell it in some other beautiful fragrances as well, such as rose, lavender, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, etc. which constitutes our flavors to the oxygen in the canister.

Make sure you have your Oxygize oxygen canister at your travel destination to help you sustain vitality, decrease stress, optimize athletic performance, combat altitude problems, improve mental clarity and alertness, and enjoy life — so you feel more like you again.

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