Oxygen Canisters: A one Stop Solution for Indians to Deal with Increasing Pollution

If our natural environment is not right to breathe in the fresh air, then we do need to use some alternatives for pure oxygen! So it can be done by using oxygen canisters!

You must be feeling proud to be an Indian! But, we, the people of India, are making this place harmful for ourselves.

We all know India is a Developing Country. No doubt, one truth is the fact that it also one among the leading nations in terms of poverty and illiteracy! Hence, the combination of these facts is leading the country to be the highest polluted nation in the world!

Why is it?

There are many reasons for the pollution in India. Such as;

1) A large percentage of the population of India belongs to farmers and their families who reside in villages. So more than 15% of the total pollution is via burning waste products like biomass in rural areas. In winters, an abundant source of air pollution is via the burning of crop residues that too, on a larger scale by the farmers.

2) In cities, More than 40% is caused by Dust from Industries and Construction work.

3) Also, in urban areas, the other factors behind massive amounts of pollution are Transport and Industries. Also, Diesel Generator and Domestic Cooking have a significant contribution to it!

4) Another factor would be the adulteration of diesel and gasoline using low-priced fuels. As a result, public transport, especially in metros, is daily generating and adding a lot amount of pollution to the atmosphere of India.

5) India is a country of many religions, and so celebrations are going on whole the year, including marriages, events and many others. So, in this time people use to set off fireworks that adds Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Carbon Dioxide to the air around.

Why do Indians need to be Serious about Over Air-Pollution?

People in India today are facing severe health issues due to air pollution in most of the regions. As per a survey of 2018, happened in the different cities of the world out of the top 30, 22 belonged to only India.

Now if you are an Indian you can imagine how critical this situation is, also you need to look on following official stats:

- Almost 2 million people in India face deaths every year by breathing polluted air.

- As per WHO, World Health Organization, every third people in India is met with death due to the causes of heart disease, lung cancer, and strokes. It is all due to the main reason of air pollution.

- There is the latest official declaration from the Indian health ministry. It states that the capital city of India, i.e., Delhi is at the disaster in terms of the level of pollution!

Is there any Hope for Indians to come out of it?

Yes, it can be solved only by proper awareness about it in every part of India. But it will take time for the total population of about more than 1.25 crores to fight with the problem of air pollution!

So, we care up with an instant solution to avoid any harmful effects of such a big problem in your locality! It is to use Oxygize Oxygen Canisters!!! It sounds bit something an industrial item, but the reality is something different!

They are Portable oxygen cans or cylinders made up of tin material. It can be used to deliver the ‘pure’ oxygen-filled in it directly to your nose or mouth whenever you need it!

By the way, Oxygen cans for pollution work on a pressurized mechanism. There is an actuator that activates by depression and will throw out the pressurized recreational oxygen or only pure oxygen. It can be directly consumed by a user to take a good breath.

Why must you give a try to use Oxygize Portable Oxygen Cans?

There are many benefits to uncover if you are interested to learn about using them regularly to get Fresh air for pollution! First of all, not just to fight with the growth in air pollution, but they also provide additional benefits to its users.

It includes speed up recovery, increases endurance, and improve athlete performance.An average person can use it as an agent to boost up the energy of the body, recover from stress, enhance beauty, and so on.

The best part is due to the portable nature Oxygen canisters can be used anytime at any place except for airplanes. It is because many authorities do not permit to carry them.

However, with the possibility of ordering Oxygen cans for pollution online now, anyone can buy them with us. You can get them shipped to the desired location the sooner possible without the need to carry them with you, especially for long travels or so!

An interesting fact to know about Portable oxygen cans is that these products are available in different flavors. Thus, one cannot get bored of inhaling the same type of oxygen. So you can try your favorite ones out of available options like peppermint, natural, citrus, and more.

Not only for your health, but you can also gift these cans as the best medium to deliver Fresh air for pollution to your loved or known ones. It is a great way to share something beneficial for the well-being of another person!

And yes, Oxygize Oxygen Canisters do not offer any side effects nor even comes with either any calories or carbs. So you can feel free about your fitness while using them and increase your possibilities to live a longer life!

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