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Right from childhood, books and experts have told us that we cannot survive without oxygen. It is the main source of life for all living organisms on this planet. But some of you might be curious to know its actual functionality in the human body. Well, let us start from the basics. When we breathe, we inhale oxygen from the air in the atmosphere. Note that, this air contains around 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen. Science reveals that human beings inhale and exhale almost 16 times in one minute to stay alive. Studies prove that oxygen is an essential element in our body; even facts reveal that the human body is made up of around 65 percent oxygen. Also, this element takes responsibility for more than 90% of the overall body’s energy.

Although people can live without food and water for several days; but they cannot survive without oxygen even for a minute. The moment we inhale oxygen through nose or mouth, it finds its way to lungs; then it enters the capillary network and finally gets mixed with the hemoglobin. Further, it moves to every cell in the human body. Now, the next question in your mind must be why cells need oxygen. Science says that oxygen plays two essential roles in cells: 1) It helps to eliminate the waste and toxins accumulated in the human body through the oxidation process. 2) It utilizes oxygen to produce ATP- the essential molecules that are involved in almost all body processes.

In short, we can say that oxygen works like the fuel of the human body. As a car cannot run without fuel; the human body cannot perform its normal operations without oxygen. But there are few conditions when human beings experience a shortage of oxygen. It can happen when you are traveling some high-altitude areas, after an excessive workout, due to pollution and in some medical health conditions as well. Now, in order to save your life in such situations, you cannot carry the big oxygen tanks all the time. These large and heavy structures are not suitable for our freestyle life. But don’t worry! The latest technologies have made things easier for us. It is not possible to find an easy to carry, portable and compact solution for your routine needs. Yeah! We are talking about Oxygize – one of the most popular solutions to ease your breathing in low oxygen conditions. This pure natural blend can reverse all negative effects of low oxygen levels while maintaining your breathing cycle. Simply take a few deep breaths from this Portable Oxygen canister, and you are ready to cherish the adventure in life.

Why use Oxygize?

The oxygize product comes in the form of a portable can that is easier to use for beginners as well. It can help you to balance the oxygen level in the body without making many efforts. However, some of you might be interested to know how it can serve your needs. Well! Go through the details below, and you will find the perfect solution for all the questions in your mind:


We keep on listening in the news and reports that the pollution level in the air is increasing day by day on our planet. Most of the time, we don’t even realize that we are breathing in heavily polluted air and it is causing several harmful impacts on our body. Numbers of people are suffering from respiratory illness and serious breathing issues due to polluted air. In such a situation, we need a reliable solution to fresh air. The professionals at Oxygize have presented the best solution to your needs. Oxygize comes in the form of handy cans that can ease the breathing in polluted areas. Oxygen for pollution can meet your needs in this heavily polluted environment.


Jet lag is also named as time zone change syndrome, and this disease mostly affects people who travel rapidly between different time zones or whose sleep get disrupted due to some shift work. When not treated on time, it can cause insomnia, headaches, and irritability as well. One of the best solutions to this trouble is breathing in fresh and healthy air and in this possible only with Oxygize. This Oxygen for jetlag can help you to deliver maximum nutrients and oxygen to your tissues while ensuring better functionality of the cardiovascular system. It can easily reverse the symptoms of Jetlag.


If you had fun all night long and are now facing some hangover; Oxygize can provide a natural and recreational solution to boost your energy fast. This product is handy and portable so that you can carry it to all parties and feel like a Rockstar while maintaining oxygen levels in your body. It can combat the symptoms of alcohol consumption, help in recovering from the post-party haze, efficiently boost energy levels during night outs and can later the harmful impacts of caffeine as well.

Workout Recovery:

Oxygen imbalance in the human body can also occur due to intense mental and physical stress. When you perform extreme anaerobic or aerobic activity, it can lead to cramping, muscle fatigue, and poor performance as well. Oxygize can serve you with faster recovery time while improving your physical and mental activity. This Oxygen for recovery product can enhance the production of lactic acid in the human body so that it can achieve maximum strength with ease.

Get an instant boost of energy:

In short, no matter what is the reason behind the lack of oxygen in your body, Oxygize is an all-round solution for all your needs. This product can easily improve the supply of oxygen in your body so that you can get an instant boost of energy. You will be happy to hear that this

Oxygen in a can is currently available in 4 unique variants: buyers can go for PepperMint, Citrus Burst, Stress, and Natural Flavor.The package comes with an inbuilt mask that makes it easier to use for anyone, at any time and anywhere. You can carry this tiny can in your purse or backpack to get your fresh and healthy source of oxygen on the go. Get ready to place an order for this product online, and soon you will be able to enjoy a trouble-free lifestyle.

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