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We are conscious of how we look on the outside, but shouldn’t we be worried about how we look on the inside too?

We worry about getting the sun, but do we get enough oxygen? Oxygen is vital for human life if not sufficiently available results in numerous troublesome consequences. To avoid health problems cause by lack of oxygen inhalation, oxygen cylinders are very handy. The best part is that they can be used on the go whether you’re on a hiking adventure, facing shortness of breath after an intense workout, tired after some physical exertion, jetlagged after hours of air travel with disturbed circadian rhythm, facing reactions from temperature changes, unconscious after exposure to pollutants or summiting a mountain peak in the Himalayas. All you need is an oxygen cylinder which can be easily carried anywhere with you. Oxygen cylinders offer high purity oxygen for a good breathing experience. The best part, they are portable, come in numerous sizes, not to mention the lightweight and durable.

So, is your brain feeling fuzzy? Have you recently noticed a change in your skin colour? Are you sweating more than usual? Is constant fatigue not letting you get your tasks done? All these indications could be a sign that you need better oxygen. Refresh yourself by taking just a few puffs from your oxygen cylinder and breathe in, pure oxygen.

Oxygen shortness can occur in several conditions. In case of any injury, sometimes the patient cannot breathe properly and require the provision of oxygen. Sometimes you need a rapid energy boost for a big day. At other times you have a night out with friends and consume too much alcohol. At higher altitudes, the problem of breathing is relatively more common. The science behind this is that vapour pressure is reduced and gaseous molecules expand at higher altitudes. So, while breathing at places of higher elevation, fewer oxygen molecules are inhaled. This insufficiency of oxygen absorbed by the blood cells is circulated to different organs in the body, Long term exposure to such conditions results in organ damage. So, no matter what the circumstance, this beneficial product could help save your life.

How Oxygize® oxygen cylinders solve all your problems?

• Enriched oxygen source provides more than double the amount of oxygen available at sea level.

• Helps you breathe with ease no matter what the atmospheric conditions may be like.

• Reduces laziness, fatigue and drowsiness to make you more active and refreshed.

• Saves you from critical medicals conditions in the long run.

• Improves endurance and stamina for physical activities.

• Treats your body, blood and brain with a refreshing touch of oxygen.

• Optimizes cognitive functions to perform better.

• Corrects blurry vision and improves reaction response time.

Oxygize® oxygen can be used by following these steps :

Remove the cap and the mask >> Put the mask in the actuator >> Cover your mouth and nose , press the actuator and breath normally >> Put the mask and cap back and store for future use.


Remove the cap and the mask >> Press the actuator close to your nose and mouth and breath normally >> Put the mask and cap back and store for future use.

Try using Oxygize oxygen directly from the nozzle and also with mask attached to know your personal preference.

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