Be Fresh as a Daisy with Oxygize® Oxygen canisters!

In an environment, where smoke, pollution, carbon monoxide, smog, and air contamination rid the everyday air from oxygen, people cannot have a breath of fresh air that humans desperately need to live and energize themselves. Due to this reason, most people get de-energized and lazy very quickly. But worry not because Oxygize portable oxygen cylinders are here to save the day. Like you carry a bottle of water with you for your everyday drinking and hydration needs, now you can do the same with oxygen. You can keep an Oxygen canister with you, and stay Oxygized always.

Unable to focus on a single task at hand? Too much laziness and exhaustion surrounding you and everything you do. You need additional oxygen and Oxygize recreational oxygen canister can help you instantly restore your energy levels back to normal whenever you get exhausted and lazy. Four or five deep breaths from our ultra-portable oxygen can get you up and go for anything the world throws at you. You can concentrate better and the effects of the oxygen will instantly be reflected in your work as soon as you take some deep breaths. Oxygen from the portable cans provided by Oxygize contain only pure oxygen and the instant you inhale it, you are backed up to face anything. You will be as they say, “fresh as a daisy”.

Some of the added benefits, that Oxygizing will do for you are:

Depression and Weakness: Having a bad day? Feeling weak and helpless? You need to get your life back together, Oxygize can help you regain your mental and physical health in an all-natural way. No antidepressants or fatigue medicine needed. Natural is better, so Oxygize yourself back to feeling happy and strong.

Cell Replacement: Do you know how many cells die each day in the human body? According to a study, about fifty to seventy billion cells in an average adult, and the body has to work to replace these dead cells, oxygen helps a lot in replacing those cells. Here’s Oxygize® making it simple for you to understand, more oxygen equals more energy, more energy makes cells work more to regenerate and more regeneration equals more cell replacement.

Easy Energizer: Whatever you like to do, you need energy and Oxygize’s oxygen canisters provide exactly that. Whether you are hitting the gym, partying, or attending back to back meetings in your workplace, you eventually run out of energy at some point, and at that point, keeping a can of oxygen with you is a life-saver.

• Mental Awareness: Suppose you are out at night and after a couple of drinks, you feel out of it, a simple breath can get you back in your senses and you will be ready for another round. Those kinds of nights are dangerous for everyone, and a simple insignificant act can cost you a lot. For example, getting robbed or worse could happen. Stay in your senses with Oxygize.

• Activeness and Exertion: Physical activity can be tiring and starting off you can easily get exhausted from simple exercises. But with Oxygize, you can keep boost yourself to your highest potential naturally without the help of any steroids or caffeine.

• Altitude Sickness: When you climb mountains, you are higher above sea level. This means that the air you breathe becomes thinner as you go higher and higher which can lead to troubled breathing due to lack of oxygen. So, when are grabbing your snacks and water bottles, don’t forget to take Oxygize oxygen cans or portable oxygen cylinders with you. These cans become more important when you are climbing at an altitude of above 5,000 feet. If you aren’t able to breathe oxygen, you can become ill. So, make sure to carry Oxygize ultra-portable oxygen canister with you.

• Hangover: You may think coffee or caffeine items may serve you just as well, combating a hangover but it comes with its consequences like anxiety, addiction, high heart rate, and fatigue, whereas oxygen doses from Oxygize Canisters can help you recover with the all-natural method without any awful side effects when used properly.

May it be for recreational purposes or for recovery, it is a healthy, safe, and harmless way to recuperate from your distresses.

How to use Oxygen canisters?

Remove the cap and the mask >> Put the mask in the actuator >> Cover your mouth and nose, press the actuator and breath normally >> Put the mask and cap back and store for future use.


Remove the cap and the mask >> Press the actuator close to your nose and mouth and breath normally >> Put the mask and cap back and store for future use.

Try using Oxygize oxygen directly from the nozzle and also with a mask attached to know your personal preference.

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